Synthesit™ Elixir №1

Synthesit Elixir №1 (drops) is a liquid form of a concentrated solution of Synthesit Iron in combination with vitamin B6. Synthesit Elixir №1 is an easy-to-take, fast absorbing formula with a broad-spectrum action.

Synthesit Elixir №1 helps to restore vital functions of the body, normalize biochemical parameters of blood and increase energy levels. One of its main effects is that it helps to improve oxygen delivery to tissues.

Synthesit Elixir №1 is a unique product of premium quality which has no analogs, and it has no toxic effect.

Suggested Use: Shake bottle well before use. Take 10 drops under the tongue daily.

Synthesit Elixir №1 is free of GMOs, sugar, alcohol.Dietary supplement. Not a medicine