What is SYNTHESIT? Why is this a breakthrough in health?
Synthesit is a powerful charge for human energy resources, with all the subsequent results. Serious improvement in overall body health, restoration of internal organs, improved joint function, numerous evidence of improved vision, a sharp increase in intellectual productivity, a significant increase in physical parameters of strength and endurance.

Along with this, skin becomes noticeably better, hair follicles are strengthened, hair loss is stopped and the growth of new hair begins more actively. Acquired psychological confidence, calm, that often improves the situation at work and in your personal life. Women start to look better, and men significantly increase their male strength. As people who take Synthesit write and say, they feel themselves young again. Watch on our channel Youtube.com/SYNTHESIT/videos hundreds of reviews from Synthesit Iron consumers.

Many people after taking Synthesit have their chronic diseases gone, the diseases that they could not cure for years. For example, such as psoriasis or maxillary sinusitis, and many others that people have told us about.
The powerful and unparalleled effect of Synthesit has been proven by profound scientific studies conducted at the Federal Research Institute of Medical Primatology in Sochi and by Marina Dukhinova, a researcher at the laboratory of experimental Oncology. https://synthesit.ru/new_research_cancer_monkey_health

Scientists have established that Synthesit intake contributes to a sharp decrease in the cholesterol level in blood - up to 40%, and a decrease in the level of age-related enzymes - up to 40% .

With the use of Synthesit, the number of stem cells in the bone marrow in mice increases by 2.45 times. This means that Synthesit promotes faster renewal of worn-out cells in the body.

Subsequent in vitro studies have shown that, along with this, Synthesit promotes the inhibition of cancer cells with almost complete absence of toxic effect on healthy cells. This is a phenomenal result, confirmed by scientific work. Analogues to the effectiveness of Synthesit action as a monoproduct on cancer cells do not exist. Several people informed us that Synthesit helped them in fight against cancerous tumours (at the same time, we would like to emphasize that Synthesit is not a medicine - it is a dietary supplement).
Synthesit thins the blood. Adhesive interaction of erythrocytes is the main problem of elderly people, leading to cardiovascular diseases, strokes and heart attacks. When taking Synthesit, these erythrocytes detach from each other within an hour. The blood acquires its essential fluidity. More details about this effect can be found in the video
In case of coronavirus, the most common complications are caused by poor oxygen supply to the entire body. Blood clots, as a result of adhesive interaction of erythrocytes, greatly increase the risk of mortality. Synthesit helps to restore excellent hematological parameters. The process of blood oxygen saturation is normalized. As a result, the blood oxygen saturation level is ensured up to 100%. This is also a confirmed fact, the study was carried out using modern pulse oximeters: https://synthesit.ru/synthesit_increases_oxygenation
All together, perhaps, it looks like some unusual "elixir of youth". However, all that is mentioned above, is for real with Synthesit intake. Someone gets rid of gray hair, someone gets rid of headaches, weight is balanced, and chronic diseases begin to go away. Yes, it's all the action of Synthesit that we have learned from those who started to take it.

Now about what is Synthesit and how do we obtain it? This is the result of a complex system of electrochemical and high temperature reactions, which results in bioactive iron. We developed Synthesit by conducting extensive and complex experimental work for several years under Vladislav Alexandrovich Karabanov's direction in Synthestech Laboratory (Sochi). As a result, a technology that has no analogues in the world was created. This is Synthesit. That is unparallel to anything existing.
It's extraordinary. It gives energy. Pure mineral energy. Only when tried, you can feel its effect. This is what you dreamed of.
Synthesit - discovery of 2019. The product became available to consumers in 2020.
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